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Few actresses symbolize the 80’s and 90’s quite like Heather Locklear. Coming to prominence with roles in shows like Dynasty, Melrose Place, and Spin City, Heather Locklear became one of America’s most popular actresses. Do you know the name of Locklear’s character in Melrose Place?
Although she has yet to regain the popularity she had in the 90’s, Locklear continues to act in several movies and films today. Locklear’s personal life is also something of interest, and the actress has had several high profile relationships, driving violations, and a few stints in rehab. Whether you grew up on 80’s and 90’s TV and movie or you just love a bit of pop culture, our Heather Locklear quizzes are the perfect fix! 

It is a quiz about Heidi Klum. Find out how much you know

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    What singer did Heidi Klum marry in 2005?


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