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According to one critic, most of the world’s knowledge of Greek mythology comes from the 1981 epic film Clash of the Titans, which starred actor Harry Hamlin as Perseus.  Later, Hamlin reprised his role and lent his voice to which Greek mythology video game? Did you know that Harry earned his Master’s in Fine Arts from the prestigious American Conservatory Theatre?
From 1986 until 1991, Hamlin starred in the popular show L.A. Law. While Hamlin has yet to reclaim his spot as a major Hollywood actor, his appearance in season 6 of Madmen was well received. If you still hold a soft spot for Harry Hamlin or remember his performance in Clash of the Titans fondly, we have the perfect set of quizzes just for you!

Test your knowledge of all things relating to Harry Hamlin.

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  • Sample Question
    What character did Harry Hamlin play in the hit TV series "LA Law"?

Harry Hamlin is an American television and film actor. He was awarded the Master of Fine Arts degree in acting in 1974. Find out more about him in our quiz!

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    Which year was Harry born?