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Of all the positive comedic films that have been released over the years, Harold and Maude is one of them. This film did acceptably well at the box office and it was able to earn more than its budget in profits. The film is one that critics reviewed positively.

Do you know what year the film was released? Are you able to name all of the stars of this film? Are you aware that movie goers generated more money through ticket sales in 2011 than they had ever done before? This makes it all the more impressive that the number of physical locations for theaters has diminished over the last decade. If you are a big fan of Harold and Maude, then you know the entire movie trivia related to the film. Put your skills to the test by completing one of our online movie quizzes about this film and others. 

Harold and I went to see the movie "War Horse".  He liked it but I thought it was for 10 yr olds.  See if you  can answer the questions below.  Good luck.

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  • Sample Question
    Harold was making a left turn from Granada to Olive.   A pickup pulled up on the right side of us.  What did Harold say?

You may or may not realize it but your brother Harold is a very interesting fellow!!   If you score over 80% on this quiz, you win a prize!!

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    What was the first thing Harold did when he arrived at Mom and Dad's house  this morning?