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Hank Aaron is nicknamed the Hammer and it is easy to see why. This retired right fielder played professional baseball from 1954 until 1976. During his 21 seasons playing for the Milwaukee Braves he was earned many titles and offensive records. He held the record for the most career home runs for 33 years.

Do you know how many home runs he hit on average, each year from 1955 until 1973? Did you know that he was the only player who could hit over thirty home runs in a single season for fifteen years in a row? You can prove just how much you really know by taking one of our online quizzes and seeing how well you do against the odds! 

As a retired American Major League Baseball right fielder, he now serves as the senior President of the Atlanta Braves. He also holds many records that yet have to be broken. Do you think you know him very well as a fan of...

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    When was he born?

How much do you know about Hank Aaron?

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    What team was Hank Aaron traded to from the Atlanta Braves?

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