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Hal Greer is a legendary basketball player from West Virginia. For nearly 20 years, Hal played for which team? With his team, he helped win the 1967 NBA Championship. In his professional career, Hal scored 21,586 career points (26th all-time). Before embarking on a professional career,

Hal played basketball at Marshall University. Notably, Hal is the only black athlete from West Virginia featured in a professional sports hall of fame (he was inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1982). As a true basketball legend, Hal Greer lives on in the hearts of those who grew up watching him. Relive Hal’s legacy by taking one of our Hal Greer quizzes now!

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    What team retired Hal Greer's number 15 jersey?

Hal Greer Questions and Answers

  • What team retired Hal Greers number 15 jersey?
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  • What legendary team had their 8 consecutive-titles record snapped by a 76ers team led by Hal Greer?
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  • In 1960 NBA great Hal Greer finished second in scoring to what Syracuse Nationals teammate?
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