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  • What is my last name?
    Haha question from

  • What is my favorite band/genre of music?
    Haha question from

  • My favorite instrument group?
    Haha question from

  • What is the suffix of the word "INDECENT" ?
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  • If you have 8 marbles, 4 playing cards, 9 rulers, 3 pencils, 6 gluesticks and 5 foil packs of "chippy", How many centimenters does 9 rulers have?
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  • When it is 9:00 am now, how many minutes before 9:00 is set for 8:47 am?
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  • kinsay guapa?

  • c Brad / Herbie kai lingguistic HAHA

  • gigutom ko, gutom ka?

  • What do reflective tenencies reflect about a powder?
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  • What does a powder look like if its considered crystalline?
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  • What do hydroscopic tenecies idicate?
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