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The early twentieth century was a time of great experimentation in art with expressionist like Franz Marc twisting colors and shapes. One artist more than any other created art that shone with beauty at this time, and he was Gustav Klimt. His paintings often shimmer with gold and eye catching patterns, and deal with human psychology as much as human appearance.

There is no doubt that Klimt is becoming more and more popular all the time, so if you're a huge fan of this great artist you'll probably score well in our Gustav Klimt quizzes. In which country was Gustav Klimt born in 1862? His astonishingly vibrant work The Kiss was completed in which year? Klimt fell in love with an aristocratic model of his, can you name her? Get as many right as you can, or kiss goodbye to a great score.
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  • Sample Question
    Gustav Klimt once said that to know something about him, one should just look at what?