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We all know that children love to get dirty, and prefer the grosser things in life, so it's no surprise that the Canadian animation series Grossology has been a huge success. It's a lot of fun, more than a little irreverent, and it encourages our youngsters to take an interest in science as well: what's not to like? It's a TV show that you can watch and enjoy with your kids, so if that's exactly what you like to do you should get together and play our Grossology quizzes.

Who wrote the series of children's books that provided the inspiration for Grossology? Can you name the brother and sister who use science to fight crimes? What is Insectiva's real name? Good luck, we hope that our questions don't gross you out!

This is a quiz for Grossology fans that would like to know which character they are! Even if you don't know what Grossology is, you should still take the quiz!

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 80   |  Last updated: Jan 21, 2013
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    What is/are your favorite colour(s)?

Teenage siblings Ty and Abby help the government fight crime, but they don't do it in normal ways. They work at the Bureau of Grossology, a secret facility with the task of protecting the city from some of the world's filthiest...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 10   |  Last updated: Apr 14, 2017
  • Sample Question
    Who is the creator of this series?

Grossology Questions and Answers

  • What is/are your favorite colour(s)?

  • Hey--theres a shoe store down the street and a famous NBA movie star is there giving out his new exclusive shoes, omg! What do you do?

  • Oh no! Somebody just barfed on you! Whats your reaction?

  • Who is the creator of this series?
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  • How many seasons were produced?
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  • What is the country of origin?
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