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It can be hard in the modern day and age to leave as little of an ecological footprint as possible. Are you looking for ideas on how to reduce your consumption and waste? Do you want to find new ways to live as natural a lifestyle as possible? From unplugging appliances to gardening and cooking from scratch; from riding your bike to work or school to drinking from a ceramic mug instead of a paper cup – there are myriad ways to take your green living to the next level and be that much better of a friend to the world you live in. Do you love the planet you live on? Then take our quizzes and find out how you can help the planet out in any little way that you can.

This quiz will measure your knowledge about green living.

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    What is sustainability?

Green Living Questions and Answers

  • What is sustainability?

  • Energy saved from recycling one aluminum can could operate a computer or TV for three hours and a six-pack saves enough energy to drive a car five miles.

  •  If the environmental effects of gasoline (contamination of soil, groundwater, surface water and air) were factored into the price, it would be