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Great Art Questions and Answers

  • Because showing images was discouraged, Islamic art features all but what?
    Great art question from

  • The earliest surviving man-made sculptures are made of what?
    Great art question from

  • Interested in motion and movement, French artist Edgar Degas often painted what?
    Great art question from

  • Where are the famous "Justinian and Theodora" mosaics located?
    Great art question from

  • Where can one find a series of frescoes by Tiepolo which depict Anthony and Cleopatra?
    Great art question from

  • Which artists "Nude Descending a Staircase" was compared to an "explosion at a shingle factory and a pile of golf club"?
    Great art question from

  • The "Mona Lisa" is considered what "style" of art?
    Great art question from

  • What is the real name of Salvador Dalis painting, commonly known as the "melting clocks"?
    Great art question from

  • What did X rays show exist underneath the final Mona Lisa?
    Great art question from

  • Which huge ancient Egyptian sculpture was created to guard the Pharaohs tomb?
    Great art question from

  • What materials were used to build Stonehenge in England?
    Great art question from

  • Which famous Renaissance painting by Leonardo da Vinci is known for its subjects mysterious smile?
    Great art question from

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