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Animated band Gorillaz is a pioneering group that blends visual entertainment with electronic, rock, and R&B music. Choosing to be represented by animations instead of as actual people, Gorillaz made their debut in 2001 with their self-titled album. The band rose to fame with songs like Clint Eastwood and Dirty Harry. Despite its expansive and unique sound, Gorillaz is essentially just one person.

Can you think of the name of this core (and only true) member of Gorillaz? The drawings and animations are done by Jamie Hewlett, and during live shows, the band plays behind a screen that shows animations. If you love this inspirational, talented, and pioneering band, our Gorillaz quizzes are for the true fans! Rock the House!

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    Are you a confident person?

A quiz made by a gorillaz fan, for gorillaz fans. (wow that wuz lame)

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    Lets start with something easy: Who are the 4 main members of gorillaz?

Find out what Gorillaz, most famous virtual band since 1998, song what you are! 

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    What are you doing when someone asks you a question?


Gorillaz Questions & Answers

What are ways to identify 2D?
Blue hair , black eyes if anything else has those main traits it's probably a ripoff
What are ways to identify 2D?
His blue hair His black eyes His missing teeth
2Ds real name is: p.s. dont mind the spelling
His last name isn't tusspot it's just pot. His fathers last name was tusspot but changed it before he was born therefore being born under the last name pot and getting the nickname "stu-pot"