Good Will Hunting Quizzes & Trivia

If you think you have the same genius-level IQ and striking talents as Will Hunting, you have got to put your caliber to the test by taking our Good Will Hunting quizzes. Did you know that the script for Good Will Hunting started as a class assignment?
Lady luck must have struck the student really hard, right? You may be even oblivious to the fact that Damon and Affleck both cried on the first day of the shoot! Now, that’s a discovery! You may be guilty of not knowing it all about Good Will Hunting unless you hunt the answers to our exhilarating quizzes. It has been 16 years since Good Will went Hunting, so take that dust off your memory and brace yourself to find out how much you really know about this brainy piece of cinema!

Take this quiz and learn more about Good Will Hunting (1997)

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    What Oscar winning film did Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier Co-Executive Produce?

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    How would you describe the man with the long blonde hair?