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When you have your own business and a wealthy lifestyle it's easy to think you've made it, but as Good Deeds shows sometimes you need a little more than that to be truly successful. Good Deeds is a sweet romantic comedy with a big heart, so it really is the perfect first date film. A rich businessman gets the opportunity to help people less fortunate than himself, and in doing so wins the heart of the woman he loves. If the ending of this movie had you clapping for joy, you'll be clapping again when you get the answers right in our Good Deeds quizzes.

The director and actor Tyler Perry has starred in how many of his own films? What is the name of the business that the main protagonist runs? Where does Wesley fly to at the end? If you answered all the questions then you sure done well, so get ready for more questions.
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Good deeds is a 2012 romantic comedy starring Tyler Perry. It is a film in which the struggling mother who works as a cleaner and the rich bachelor fall in love through a series of events. Can you recognize some of the words...

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    A synonym for the word accusation is...