George Lopez Quizzes & Trivia

How do you know when a comedian has truly entered the mainstream, when he's really been taken to the heart of the nation? He gets his own sitcom with his name as the title. Stand aside Jerry Seinfeld, because George Lopez is now the hottest and funniest ticket in town. If you've laughed at George until the tears run down your cheeks, then you'll love our George Lopez quizzes.

They say that all the best funnymen have a serious side. That certainly showed in George Lopez's best selling autobiography, but what was it called? On what station was his talk show aired? What did he say would cause him to emigrate to Canada? The answers to these questions and more are just a click away.

The George Lopez Show was a popular comedy sitcom based around a fictional portrayal of George Lopez. It was one of the first American shows that featured a Mexican family and an all-Latino cast. Test your knowledge about this...

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  • Sample Question
    George's mother's name is''  '',played by''  ''.

In this quiz you will be asked questions about George Lopez on Nick at Nite!! Do you know about it? Have you watched enough episodes?

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  • Sample Question
    What is nick short for?

Find out how much you know the George Lopez show!

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  • Sample Question
    Who is Georges son?

Wanna find out how much you really know about my FAVE show George Lopez? Take this quiz right here.

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  • Sample Question
    What is George's last name?