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Is George Long your footie hero? Or maybe just a footballer you enjoy watching? Find out how familiar you are with this great goalkeeper and show us how much you know about Long! Take a trip to Sheffield United and see how your long IQ matches up to the rest of 'em.

Did you know that, at 17 years and 183 days, George was the youngest goalkeeper to play in a league game? Do you know what number he wears? Would you have been able to tell us that Long prefers Nicole Scherzinger over Cheryl Cole? Who was Long's own footballing hero? Show off your George Long soccer smarts and see how many goals you can score on these quizzes. Ready to start kicking?

ANT pretest for George LongUCF

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    What is the relationship between organisms and the environment?

They shay George Long roamed the islands of Hawaii, until he swam to Florida to teach Anthropology.

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    When did most premodern humans live?

Don't lie, nobody likes George Long...

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    My favorite fish is trout, do you know which great ape this is about?knuckle walking, vegetarian, sexual dimorphism  

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