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So Jersey Shore enjoyed such great success that the British decided that they should have their own version of the show. Geordie Shore was one of the hit TV shows during the year it was launched and we’re now going to see just how much you know about it. "Geordie" is the regional nickname and dialect given to the people of the Tyneside area of North East England, and is closely associated with what city?

The first series of the show began airing on 24th of May 2011 and concluded on 28th of June 2011, consisting of how many episodes? The seventh series was confirmed on July 5th 2013 when it was announced that they were filming the series when Holly and Vicky were both arrested on a night out for what reason? Many more tough questions are waiting so head over to the full trivia.

Its Fun

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    Who is your favorite Geordie shoe charachter?

Are you a bit wild and crazy? Are you ready to party? Which outrageous member of the Geordie Shore house are you? Find out now!

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    What are you drinking tonight?