Geography Of Greece Quizzes & Trivia

Click on the web page "Geography of Ancient Greece" and read about Greece. As you read, take the Challenge. The questions are pretty much in order. Remember, SPELLING counts. Be careful...the Minotaur is watching you!

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    What does maritime mean? 

Geography of Ancient Greece

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    The geography of Greece made inland travel and trade nearly ___________ for the ancient Greeks.

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    Which best describes what land on the mainland of Greece is like?

Geography Of Greece Questions & Answers

How did the sea effect the lives of the ancient Greeks?
The sea affected the lives of ancient Greeks by teaching them to become fishermen, sailors and traders. Since ancient Greece was covered with immense terrain and enormous sea, they had no other choice but to fend for themselves and use whatever resou
How did ancient Greeks decide which crops to grow?
Ancient Greeks grow only the crops that could adapt to the environment since the Mediterranean climate is very mild. Although, they literally have four seasons – winter, spring, summer and autumn amd their weather makes it feel like there are o
How did Greeks get ideas from other cultures?
Greeks get ideas from other culture through trade, because it was their fundamental characteristic. The earliest recorded trade exchange dates back from as early as Bronze Age where pottery, gold, copper and ivory were traded between Asia Minor, Cypr
How did the mountains and the sea effect the Greek city-states?
The mountains and the sea affect the Greek city-states by keeping them separated and very independent. This is because these countries have the immense terrain and offshore islands which them separate from each other, leaving no other choice but to w