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“We bring good things to life”. This was the timeless slogan of one of the largest American firms for more than 30 years. Any idea what company we’re talking about? Right! It’s “GE” or General Electric. Are you one of the millions of people who trust this brand? Well, we’re about to find out how much you really know about “GE” with our quizzes.

Are you electrified to take on our challenge? Did you know that in 2012, they changed their slogan? Can you tell us what it is? If you want to know, then you have to put your “Imagination at work”. Well, I’m sure there a clue in there somewhere.

What are you waiting for? Make Thomas Edison proud and prove how much you know about the company he helped build. Power up!
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Für diesen Test haben Sie so viel Zeit, wie Sie brauchen. Sie können ihn auch mehrmals machen und Ihre Fehler(wenn es sie gibt) korrigieren.

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  • Sample Question
    Finden Sie ein Äquvalent zu diesem Satz: Ich fühle mich nicht gut, darum gehe ich zur Uni nicht.

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