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Gardener Questions and Answers

  • When you go to the nursery you are first drawn to:
    Gardener question from

  • Your friends and family describe your garden as:
    Gardener question from

  • When watering your garden you:
    Gardener question from

  • When you see an empty unkempt lot, you:
    Gardener question from

  • You're at your local library and see there's about to be a presentation by a Master Gardener on proper lawn care. You decide to:
    Gardener question from

  • You buy a new house. It was a foreclosure. The house needs paint, the roof has a leak and there are opportunistic shrubs, blackberry canes and a mix of invasive and native species trying to reclaim the yard. The first thing you do is:
    Gardener question from

  • A garden can be thought of as climate-friendly if it:

  • Garden techniques that can help store and minimize global warming gases which the garden might emit are:

  • What are two ways to limit the chemicals you use in the garden?

  • The main characters in the film are called
    Gardener question from

  • Mrs Quayle is a keen gardener
    Gardener question from

  • The film uses which of the following narrative structures
    Gardener question from

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