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Some women tennis players are remembered for their amazing ability on the tennis court, like Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova, whilst others are remembered primarily for their beauty, like Anna Kournikova. Gabriela Sabatini, however, will be remembered for both.This Argentine tennis star took the world by storm after reaching the semi-finals of the French Open aged just 15 and she would go on to achieve Grand Slam success.

If you were and are one of her biggest fans then you'll do well when you play our Gabriela Sabatini quizzes. In which city was Gabriela Sabatini born? If you think that's too easy, can you name the first WTA tournament that Gabriela won? She claimed one Grand Slam crown but which one was it? Get these, and more, right and it could be game, set, and match to you.

How big of Gabriela Sabatini fan are you?

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    Gabriela Sabatini's only Grand Slam title was at which tournament in 1990?


Gabriela Sabatini Questions and Answers

  • Gabriela Sabatinis only Grand Slam title was at which tournament in 1990?
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  • Whom did Gabriela Sabatini face in each of her Grand Slam tennis finals?
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  • In 2006, Gabriela Sabatini achieved what honor in tennis?
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