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Gaara Questions and Answers

  • Gaara of the Desert is the English Translation of his Japanese Name. What is Gaaras Name in Japanese?
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  • Naruto has a Nine Tailed Fox Demon Spirit inside of Him. What Animal is the Demon that Gaara has Sealed within him?
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  • What is Gaaras Favorite Food?
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  • where will you be a decade from now
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  • is sand coffin funny
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  • OK first i know this is a really easy question bu what is Gaaras true hair color? 

  • ok... what was Gaaras eye color when he was little?

  • whats his moms name?

  • what is Gaaras demond he is posessed bys name?

  • What is Yashamarus reason for trying to assasinate Gaara when he is six years old  

  • Gaara has a mark on his forehead because?