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One of the most successful British blues-rock bands, Free witnessed a chaotic rise to power in U.K. during the 70’s. Competing against the punk rock genre, a group of 3 teenagers gathered around on April 19, 1968 at the Nag’s Head Club in London to perform their first ever gig. Ever since then, there has been no stopping them as they went on to become the biggest and the most sensational British band that sold over 20 million albums.

Although disbanded in 1973, the band reunited on multiple occasions to produce sensations such as “All Right Now”. Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke and Andy Fraser were the three main members. Do you want to know what happened to them? Where are they now? And most importantly, what were the “secret” reasons behind their disbandment? If yes, then check out these amazing quizzes that’ll provide you an insight to the band, their legacy and their members.