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Formation Questions and Answers

  • What does MacArthur Like to do out of this formation on 3rd and short?   O                         O O X O O                           O                                                      O       O                                   O Q
    Formation question from

  • What Pass Play does MacArthur use in this set on First Down? O               O O X O O                             O                                                O                    O    Q   O
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  • O                      O O X O O                               O       O                                         O                             O  Q
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  • What formation is this?            

  • What formation is this?            

  • What formation is this?            

  • X                                   O O X O O                                       Y                     Z                       Q         H                                                                                        R  
    Formation question from

  • No, I didn't know it was her birthday today.
    Formation question from

  • We have already finished the project.
    Formation question from

  • She's working on the questionnaires I think
    Formation question from

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