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  • Why is the man's beard colored amber?
    Why is the man's beard colored amber?
    No sir it is because he is spitting out his tobacco. This is not from his food but rather his tobacco juice!

  • Who sets Geralds house on fire?
    Who sets Geralds house on fire?
    Jordan was raping her!!! She didnt set the fire he did! If he wouldve left her alone she wouldve tended to her food!

  • Why is the man's beard colored amber?
    Why is the man's beard colored amber?
    I did this in another site and it was because his tobacco has run into into

  • Who is Keisha Washington?
    Who is Keisha Washington?
    Wasn't his sister named Kiara? Not Keisha was his girlfriend, right?

  • Why does the man drop the matches? 
    Why does the man drop the matches? 
    He sees they are burning his fleshBecause he cannot operate his hands, in his attempt to keep the fire burning, he spreads it out too much and it goes out. Now he can only think of killing the dog to put his hands in the carcass to relieve their numbness

  • Who tried to kill Gerald?
    Who tried to kill Gerald?

  • Why does the man drop the matches?
    Why does the man drop the matches?
    He does not need them any more

  • Why does the second fire go out?
    Why does the second fire go out?
    The man snuffs it out as he tries to protect it from a piece of moss

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