Forces Of Nature Quizzes & Trivia

Forces of Nature is an exciting film from the 1990s. This film is one which stars Sandra Bullock as the female lead. Do you know the name of the male lead? If you said Ben Affleck, then you must be a big fan of the film.

In this film, Ben Affleck’s character is about to get married to the love of his life, but through an odd turn of events ends up stranded with the non-conventional Bullock. Forcing him to engage in activities that are far from his conservative lifestyle, he starts to open himself up to a new side of life and question whether his soon to be wife is a good fit for him or whether he should stay with this new wild card. If you are a fan of these actors, then see how much you know about them by taking one of our multiple film quizzes and more. 

How well do you know the movie "Forces of Nature"? Take this quiz to find out.

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  • Sample Question
    Of the following “forces of nature” that slowed Ben & Sarah on their journey to Savannah from New York, which one was NOT seen in the movie?