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Food chain refers to the sequence of events in an ecosystem, where one organism eats another and then is eaten by another organism. Apex predators and fungi have been considered in the past to be at the top of the food chain. Did...

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    Which food chain correctly describes the flow of energy in an ecosystem?

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    This is an example of a

This is a simple test to see where you are placed on the vore food chain, from "Predator" to "Fodder" and a few in between, this is not a 100% accurate quiz and is only based on your answers. All quotes are taken from stories...

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    What do you generally believe you are on the food chain?

Food Chain Questions & Answers

Which food chain correctly describes the flow of energy in an ecosystem?
Grass cow and human isthe correct answer because the grass is the producer the cow is a herbiviore and the human that ate the cow is carnivior or a omnivor.
How do decomposers help other organisms in an ecosystem?
A is the answer to this question. All of the living things that are part of the ecosystem has something to do with the whole process. If one of them would be removed, the process will not be complete. In this case, the decomposers are in charge of br
What kind of animals are rabbits? Rabbits eat grass and other plants to survive, but they do not eat animals.
The rabbit is a herbiovore because the rabbit only eats plants , they don't eat other animals. . .
Are the slug, snail, and mouse primary consumers?
Yes, slug, snail, and mouse are classified as primary consumers in the food chain. Primary consumers are consumers that feed mainly on producers (plant). Most often than not, they are herbivores. Other examples include grasshoppers, hummingbirds, ter