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The flute is considered as one of the most calming musical instruments. Don't you just love the sound that it makes, the gentleness of its sound, and the soothing music it creates? Did you know that its size and form may vary from country to country? Even the techniques differ as well. Oh, so you knew that already? If you think you know a bunch more about flutes, then you should try tuning-in to our quizzes.

Are you well versed with the history of flutes? Among the woodwind instruments, what makes the flute so unique? What is the significance of the flute in different cultures around the world? That's just to get you warmed up! Ready for some more? Jive in and have fun with our quizzes on flutes!
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Test your knowledge about the flute.

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    The standard Western Concert Flute is pitched in ___?


Flute Questions & Answers

Why are concert flutes made of metal?
Concert flutes are made of metal because the denser the material, the better the sound the instrument makes. Metals make less difference in sound quality, so any metal flute is an excellent instrument in concert. Flutes made of metal can also be desi
What are flutes made of?
Most flutes are made of metal whereas less expensive flutes, intended for students, may be made from other metals like nickel alloys. More costly flutes may be plated with silver. The pads attached to the surface of the keys to cover the holes are ma
What do you think about Katy Perry's flute debacle?
The video of Katy Perry flute debacle was quite entertaining. It comes across as if she is doing it seriously, but then you can see that she is punking the audience for a reaction. Her "flute playing" is so bad, and it appears she is oblivi
How old is the bamboo flute?
There are different types of flutes that are available but one of those that have gotten the attention of people is the Bamboo Flute. There was a time when bones were used in order to create flutes. Since the bamboo also has a natural, hollow form, i
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