Firehouse Dog Quizzes & Trivia

We all love dogs, they really are man's best friend and of course they're super cute too, so it's no wonder that so many dogs are in movies as well. Firehouse Dog tells the story of a movie star dog who lives the good life, until one day things take a very different turn. Rexxx becomes lost and is taken in by a fire station. This is his chance to be a real life hero, but will he prefer the comfortable life as an on screen hero? This is a beautiful and heart warming film, so whether you're a movie lover or a dog lover you're sure to love our Firehouse Dog quizzes.

When he is taken in by the fire station what new name does Rexxx receive? What is the name of the fire engine in Firehouse Dog? Get ready for action, the quiz alarm's ringing!

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  • Sample Question
    How many dogs were used for the role of Rex in the 2007 movie "Firehouse Dog"?