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Field Questions and Answers

  • Some animal or person is in trouble, it got shot. What do you do?

  • What food do you prefer...

  • Im gay...

  • You're in a large crowd of complete strangers, and off in the distance you can vaguely hear a song that you know. What do you do?
    Field question from

  • Did you build a tank?
    Field question from

  • Do you respect gays?
    Field question from

  • Where is the arrow pointing?
    Field question from

  • Where is the arrow pointing?
    Field question from

  • Where is the arrow pointing?
    Field question from

  • The 336, 337 and 338 fields have been defined in MARC21 to replace the following AACR2 element:

  • This replacement (the replacement of the answer to question one above) with the 336, 337 and 338 fields IN  MARC21 and the instructions in RDA was the result of an ongoing debate about the efficacy of AACR2 to record the following 2 characteristics:

  • Field 337 is used to record

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