Fallen Angel Quizzes & Trivia

Fallen Angel is a unique film which has received a great deal of attention and popularity over the years. There are actually three films by this name one which was released in 1945, another which was released in 19 81 and yet another which was released in 2003. The 2003 film was an independent film based on the other films. It was set in the 1960s though and focused itself on the coming of age of three sisters were trying to struggle to gain their independence inside of a dysfunctional family.
This dark comic film focuses on the destructive effects that secrecy can have between children and their parents. This film received a great deal of attention even though it had a budget of only $4 million. It was released originally in Canada and then in United States and has been seen at the Toronto film Festival. If you know all about this film and the plot, then test your skills by taking our quizzes.

Whether you know my comic, 'Fallen Angel' or not, you might like who you're in common with.  Sweet and caring?  Dark and mysterious?  Cold-hearted bastard?  Who knows!

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    With your family either dead or almost always never around, how does that make you feel?