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Winter, spring, summer, or fall, which one is the best of them all? Are you a big fall lover? Do enjoy watching the colorful leaves all around? Don't you just love the cool breeze it brings along? We have some challenging quizzes to see how much you know about autumn. Ready?

Do you know what the first day of autumn is called? Have you heard of the expression, "spring forward, fall back"? Yes! That's a North American mnemonic to help people remember which directions to shift their clocks for daylight savings time. If you're into these types of trivia, you'll surely fall for our quizzes!

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  • To prevent or reduce slipping and falling, vessels should be outfitted with slip-resistant coatings or special “non-skid” materials on deck/walking surfaces.

  • Where practical, deck surfaces and the surfaces of other walkways (bulwark caps, steps, stair and ladder treads, etc.) typically used for foot traffic, should be coated with “rough”, raised texture paint coatings or adhesive non-skid materials to increase safe footing.

  • The _______________  is responsible that decks, walkways, ladders, steps, etc., are in good anti-slip/non-skid and serviceable condition.

  • You can engage with your Twitter followers by all of the following EXCEPT: 

  • Dunbar's Number states that people can maintain meaningful relationships with more than 150 people at any one time. 

  • Who said the following: It creates a situation in which we have to fear that we are not only watched today, but we are watched by future generations, by our future.  And that really dramatically constrains what we ought to do online and pushes us toward self-censorship, exactly where we don’t need self-censorship because we need robust public debate online, that’s what online discourse is all about.

  • The Director of Student Conduct now has the authority to:
    Fall question from

  • Appellatte Officers can no longer: 
    Fall question from

  • Which of the following is NOT a new CRB expectation? 
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  • A detailed report that companies file annually with the SEC is the

  • The elements of financial position do not include 

  • the financial accounting standards board