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  • Where does the “Year of Printing” appear in  500 / 1000 Rupee Note ? (Multiple Choice)

  • What is the width of the security thread in 1000 Rupee Note (Multiple Choice)

  • How many times the number “500” and the word “RBI” appear in a 500 Rupee Note ?  (Multiple Choice)

  • Can a rope chain necklace be marked 14kt or 585 and still be fake?
    Fake question from

  • Do we buy rope chain necklaces?
    Fake question from

  • What should you do if you suspect something isn't real gold? (check all that apply)
    Fake question from

  • Whats my WORST favorite color?

  • Whats my FAVORITE store?

  • What instruments DO I play?

  • The Chester hot-shot studied at which school in Buckinghamshire?
    Fake question from

  • Despite formerly wanting a degree in Biochemistry, Saco went on to achieve a BA in Performing Arts. But at which London University?
    Fake question from

  • As one has most probably noticed, Kev has a scar on his upper lip, also known as the Levator Labii Superioris. What was the cause of this mark?
    Fake question from

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