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More and more guys are staying at home with their parents until well into their thirties, and the popular film Failure To Launch shows just what they could be missing out on. Stay at home Matthew McConaughey is used to his home comforts just a little too much, until Sarah Jessica Parker shows him just what he could be missing out on. If you're a rom-com fan, you'll want to put your knowledge and memory to the test with our Failure To Launch quizzes.

Can you remember what year Failure To Launch was released? Who play Tripp's parents in the film? What song do Tripp's parents sing as he sails out of their lives? I'm sure you won't be a failure with our questions.
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This quiz will show how do u feel about Failure To Launch (2006) movie?

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    What former NFL player plays Tripp's dad in "Failure to Launch"?