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  • How many women globally give birth without a trained health worker present?

  • How many children under five around the world have no access to basic healthcare?

  • Which of the following commonly used healthcare products also contains an ingredient, which according to the United Nations, might also be used as a lifesaving treatment to help prevent umbilical cord infections in newborn babies in countries with high rates of neonatal mortality? 

  • On average, what percentage of the energy used in your home is used for lighting?
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  • On average, what percentage of electricity do incandescent bulbs convert to heat?
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  • The U.S. government has required that by today (2014) general use light bulbs be ___ more efficient than traditional, incandescent bulbs.
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  • Pract The Facts is a term that is related to how we manage information.

  • Which of the following are a key principle when learning to Pract The Facts.

  • To Pract The Facts what do you need to know about the specific information?