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This is a quick quiz that will test you on what you've learned so far about being an online facilitator.

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    When working with newbies who are new to the online environment, you should:

This quiz is for everyone..Enjoy..

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    Learning is a process by which behavior is modified or changed through experience or training?

Modified True or False. Direction. Write the word TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if it is wrong. ( 2 pts. each )

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    ____1. Learning is a process by which is  modified or changed through experience or t raining.

Facilitating Questions & Answers

What is a troll?
Someone who tries to disrupt an online community.Here is useful information about how to create a positive online community environment: http://www.onlinecommunityreport.com/2009/08/managing-negative-influences-on-community-culture/
Which statement is false?
Online facilitation is a skill that takes no effort to learn. How to be an online facilitator: http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/training_and_development/45384
What is important to remember when facilitating asynchronous online discussions?
Many people will lurk and not actively join discussions. Facilitating online discussions: http://www.u21global.edu.sg/PartnerAdmin/ViewContent?module=DOCUMENTLIBRARY&oid=157449
What is netiquette?
Good online manners.Tips for online facilitation and netiquette: http://www.edtec.unsw.edu.au/inter/dload/flex_ed/resources/online_facilitation/of_plan_fac.htm