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The Old Testament has some wonderful stories in it, as well as being of extreme importance to people of the Jewish and Christian faiths. One of the most amazing tales is that of Noah's Ark and it's brought bang up to date in the hilarious movie Evan Almighty. A congressman is sure a flood is coming, but is he right or off his rocker? If you're a huge Steve Carell fan you'll know all about this film, so take our Evan Almighty quizzes.

This film is a sequel to which movie starring Jim Carrey? Who reprises his role of God? Only one comedy has ever cost more to make than Evan Almighty, can you guess what it is? The questions come two by two, so have your answers ready.
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Hard questions about Evan Almighty (2007). Test your knowledge.

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    In the 2007 movie "Evan Almighty", what is Evan building an ark for?