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ESPN is the all-encompassing sports news broadcasting service. With so many outlets, channels, and wide-ranging topics to cover, there is no shortage of trivia regarding the market-leader in sports news and broadcasting. Do you know how many channels ESPN actually offers subscribers? What about where they actually broadcast 90% of their production content to television?

The company that really owns and manages ESPN is sure to surprise you! These trivia quizzes are designed keeping both the die-hard sports fans and the casual surfer in mind. Take our ESPN trivia quiz and share it with your friends Compare your knowledge on the most powerful name in sports media and go for Gold!"
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This is part 1 of ESPN's toughest 2008 sports quiz. Good Luck

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    US swimmer Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals. Only 9 countries won that many. Pick the correct group of 3.

Interesting facts on Bill Rasmussen.

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    ESPN was founded in what year?


ESPN Questions & Answers

Who designed the ESPN logo?
ESPN is a sports channel that began in 1979. Many things have changed in ESPN since its beginning in the late 1970s. Many shows have been added to ESPN as well as different sports added. At first, Bill Rasmussen began ESPN probably due to his backgro
When did ESPN become famous?
ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. It is mainly known for showing different sports that are taking place. Usually, the more popular the sport, the more likely you will see it on ESPN. Its main broadcast is in Connecticut. H
Who are the founders of ESPN?
In the late 1970s, a man named Bill Rasmussen got fired from his job. He was working for a hockey association known as the World Hockey Association. He actually worked for the Whalers which was one of the teams in this association. Also, his son was
Why is ESPN criticised?
Like any major television show or channel, criticism will always take place. Many people love ESPN, but there are always people who do not like ESPN. Any channel that writes and shares news with the world will be criticized. ESPN has had criticism du
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