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ESOL Questions and Answers

  • Which sentence is NOT true about textbooks?

  • In an outline, which detail would BEST fit under the topic Differences in the Regions?

  • A pie chart is a graphic that shows changes over time.

  • I am eating my dinner.
    ESOL question from

  • I was making a cup of tea when the U.F.O landed.
    ESOL question from

  • If + (past participle) + subject + I + (modal verb) would + present verb + Infinative
    ESOL question from

  • Define Acquisition of Phonology
    ESOL question from

  • What is the difference between a morpheme and a phoneme?
    ESOL question from

  • Which words are homonyms?
    ESOL question from

  • When was the first session of the oldest Cambridge exam held?
    ESOL question from

  • Which examination was it?
    ESOL question from

  • Approximately how many centres worldwide offer the exams every year?
    ESOL question from

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