Eric Roberts Quizzes & Trivia

It's amazing how some families have a series of great actors, and the Roberts family can be especially proud of their acting offspring. Eric Roberts doesn't only have two award winning sisters; his daughter is a wonderful actress as well. Swapping Georgia for Hollywood he gained a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination for his very first film, and he's had a triumphant career ever since. Do you love his films? If so, you'll also love our Eric Roberts quizzes.

Is Eric older or younger than his sister Julia? On which soap opera did he make his first screen appearance? Eric Roberts has had ups and downs in his private life; do you know what he spent time in jail for? If you're Nobody's Fool, you'll do well.

Basic knowledge of Eric Roberts.

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  • Sample Question
    In a Mariah Carey music video, Eric Roberts played the role of what?

One of America's household names who have been around for a very long time is Eric Roberts,his sultry acting skills and undeniable personality has won him more fans than haters. How well do you know this gem?

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  • Sample Question
    What is the first name of Eric's first wife?