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A key figure in the development of science and a true egalitarian, Epicurus' thinking has influenced many thinkers and movements throughout Western intellectual history. Curious about your Epicurus IQ? Why not prove your Epicurean expertise by taking one of our quizzes? Only a few letters of Epicurus' 300 known written works remain, with much of what we know of him and his Epicurean philosophy derived from what his followers have said. How much do you know about Epicurus? Take our quizzes and see how your knowledge stacks up against others!

Do you know when Epicurus moved to Athens? Or what was his teacher's name was? Do you know that Epicurus' school was the first of the ancient Greek philosophical schools to admit women as a rule, rather than as the exception? Did you know that Karl Marx wrote his doctoral thesis on Epicurus? After you've taken our quizzes, you'll know this plus so much more. You'll learn that for Epicurus, one's purpose was to attain a happy life, characterized by peace and aponia - absence of pain - and living a self-sufficient life surrounded by friends. He taught that gods neither reward nor punish humans, and believed that the universe is infinite and eternal. Epicurus taught too that events are ultimately based on the motions and interactions of atoms moving in empty space. Such a scientific smarty-pants! Go ahead, answer these questions and become a true Epicurus expert!

What do you know about one of the prominent philosophers in the history of time? Are you well grounded in your knowledge? Take this quiz.

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    Epicurus founded the school of philosophy called


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