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English Speaking Questions and Answers

  • The paragraph mainly tells
    English speaking question from

  • Corrigan was
    English speaking question from

  • A possible explanation for the flight having been a mistake is the fact that Corrigan
    English speaking question from

  • The article is about a little girl and her 
    English speaking question from

  • According to the text the word “puddle” means a
    English speaking question from

  • The girl’s father had to 
    English speaking question from

  •    _____ the two brothers Peter is the better painter.
    English speaking question from

  •  They left in midnight ____ their village.
    English speaking question from

  • Why did she give it _____ you?
    English speaking question from

  • Which is the largest English speaking country?
    English speaking question from

  • What is the national flower of Wales?
    English speaking question from

  • How many sons does Prince Charles have?
    English speaking question from

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