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  • What is the minimum number of animals that are required for an animal to not be endangered?
    What is the minimum number of animals that are required for an animal to not be endangered?
    There are seven categories endangered animals—starting with the least concern, going all the way to extinct. Animals that are of least concern have a widespread and abundant population while extinct animals do not exist any longer. There is also a distinction between endangered species and critically endangered, the latter creeping closer to extinction. If an animal species has a population of less than 2,500 mature individuals, it qualifies as endangered. This means that if not carefully watched or if carelessly managed, these animals have a 20% chance of dying out in the next 20 years. If an animal has less than 250 mature individuals, the status goes to critically endangered. This means that the probability of the species surviving goes to about a 50% chance of extinction in the next 10 years.

  • What is the basic difference between a seal and a walrus?
    What is the basic difference between a seal and a walrus?
    Seals and walruses are two different kinds of animals. They are both found in the seas and look somewhat the same, but there are distinct differences between the two animals. A seal is known to have a pointy nose or beak. People may realize this when they think about seals balancing a ball on the end of its nose. Walruses have a flat nose. It looks as if someone hit the end of the walruses’ noses with a hammer and made it flat. ­­Walruses have tusks protruding downward whereas seals do not have tusks. They both do walk or waddle which makes them alike. Also seals eat mostly fish but walruses eat clams and mussels instead. Seals are often seen jumping out of the water and walruses don’t jump.

  • Which is the cutest rare animal?
    Which is the cutest rare animal?
    The wombat is a small animal that is considered to be rare. It is only about forty inches long. It is mainly found in the Australia and areas about that continent. The reason this is the cutest rare animal is because it looks like a little teddy bear in the face. Its body is small and round too. It looks furry so that adds to its cuteness. Most of the time the wombat’s fur is a neutral color either being brown, gray or tan. Therefore, wombats have a tendency to hide their cuteness with the environment and its surroundings. This is based upon their fur color. They also make a cute noise. They squeal like a pig when they make noises.

  • Is the US the only country where bees are endangered?
    Is the US the only country where bees are endangered?
    To answer simply: no, the United States is not the only country with endangered bees. There are species of bees that are endangered all over the world. However, it seems as though the United States has more endangered species of bees than any other country. This is probably because of the fact American growers use pesticides meant to keep other insects away from crops but these chemicals also end up affecting multiple species of bees. It could also have to do with the fact that people kill bees before thinking about it and call exterminators instead of beekeepers to move hives away from residential areas. There are also several people that have allergies to or are highly afraid of being stung which prompts them to kill as many bees as they possibly can.

  • How far can a Snow Leopard leap?
    How far can a Snow Leopard leap?
    A snow leopard can jump up to thirty feet, which is actually six times its body length. This is an impressive jump for such a big cat, especially out in the wild. This is usually employed to stalk and surprise their prey. They watch their prey from a distance, and then jump their prey, in the most literal sense of the word. The distance typically ranges between twenty and fifty feet. It all depends on the individual cat. To get this kind of a leap for their long body, they rely on large hind legs. These hind legs allow them to rear back and jump. This kind of jump keeps them safe, which is important considering that they are endangered.