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  • The keyboard, mouse, and tower case are examples of:  

  • Which computer best meet this description? Handles intensive tasks, can serve many users, very expensive  

  • What will happen to information stored on your computer’s hard disk when you switch off your computer?

  • What types of materials did people want to read?

  • How did the Catholic Church view the Renaissance emphasis on individual self-expression?

  • What method did the church use to censor books?

  • If you are missing your toolbars, go to the

  •  To change the font, size, style, color or alignment, use the _________________ toolbar.

  • The borders of the document on the top, bottom, left and right are the _______________.

  • Jake grew 1.5 inches during his senior year in high school.  If he was 67.7 inches tall at the beginning of his senior year, how tall was he at the end of the year?
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  • Dan rented two movies to watch last night.  The first was 2 hour 50 minutes long, the second 1 hour 40 minutes long.  How much time did it take for Dan to watch the two videos?
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  • In order to pass a certain exam, candidates must answer 70% of the test questions correctly.  If there are 90 questions on the exam, how many questions must be answered correctly in order to pass?
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