Empire Records Quizzes & Trivia

Some of the greatest movies have come from looking at everyday people in everyday jobs. Take a group of people who work together in a movie star. Think that's not entertaining? You can think again when it's Empire Records, the 1995 film about the coming of age of young men and women who are determined to keep their beloved store out of the clutches of an evil multinational. It's a real cult classic now, so if it's one of your favorite films of all time you'll just love playing our Empire Records quizzes.

The music store is managed by Joe, but do you know who played him? Renee Zellweger makes an early appearance in Empire Records, which part does she play? What's the name of the faded pop star who is due to appear at the store? If you know these answers and more, you could set a record.

It’s time to answer some cool questions about Empire Records (1995) movie!

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  • Sample Question
    In the film "Empire Records", how much money does Lucas lose and where does he lose it?