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She is the person with the most influence on British cooking in the last hundred years and her cook books have been responsible for spicing up the dinner tables of many English homes. Of course this national treasure is Elizabeth David and if you’ve ever found a spicy Mediterranean dish in London, she may be the reason why.

Elizabeth David didn’t start out as a cook book writer, but do you know what careers she gave up before deciding on one in the culinary field? And although her life began and ended in England, do you know what other countries she lived in that affected her view of food or what type of shop she ran when she wasn’t writing cookbooks? Believe it or not, Elizabeth David also had a scandal filled personal life. See if you know all there is to know about Elizabeth David and take the quizzes.

Main events that happened in Elizabeth I reign of England 1558-1603.

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    Elizabeth I passed her religious settlement in ....

Elizabeth David Questions and Answers

  • Elizabeth I passed her religious settlement in ....
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  • Elizabeth I was a catholic.
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  • Elizabeth Is first Arch Bishop of Canterbury was..
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