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The United States produced many great artists in the Twentieth Century from the pop art of Andy Warhol to the total abstraction of Jackson Pollock but perhaps the greatest American artist of them all was Edward Hopper. He had a style of his very own, and it’s so unmistakable that you can spot a Hopper composition immediately. It's also much more accessible than his contemporaries, appealing to all tastes and all ages.

If he is your favorite artist of all time, then show how much you know by playing our Edward Hopper quizzes. In which year was Edward Hopper born, and in which state? His most famous work shows four people in a bar called Phillies, but what was the painting called? A 1922 painting showed a 'New York' what? See how many questions you can get right.
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  • Sample Question
    Edward Hopper's paintings of gathering places included all of these but what?