Edgar Degas Quizzes & Trivia

Impressionism has become such a popular genre of art that it seems amazing that it was once considered so differently. Impressionist trailblazers like Edouard Manet were once mocked, and told that their artwork was bizarre and worthless. Now, however, his works and those of his contemporaries like Monet and Renoir are among the most valuable paintings in the world, fetching tens of millions of dollars each.

Whether you're an art historian or simply an art lover, you're sure to enjoy our Edouard Manet quizzes. In which year was Edouard Manet born in Paris? What is the English translation of his famous 'Le dejeuner sur l'herbe'? What was the name of his scandalous nude based on an earlier Goya painting? Put your paint brush down, and try our Edouard Manet quizzes today.
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Do You Know Everything About Edgar Degas (1834-1917)?

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    Edgar Degas liked to paint in theatrical settings, such as dance studios and what other venue?