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Eddie Murphy is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable stars, even when you can’t see his face. He has been in dozens of films since the standup comic made his acting debut in 48 hours, and has added voice acting to his resume since the 1990s. Did you know that he started working as a standup comic at 15?
Did you know that, in 1980, he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live at only 19 years old? Did you know that he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? It’s located at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard! Do you think you know movies? Are you ready to try out some of our quizzes and see how much you really know? If you found these questions about Eddie Murphy easy, then you should take some quizzes and see what topics you are a real expert on!

These questions is all about Eddie Murphy.

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    What was the name of the music album Eddie Murphy released in the mid-80's?

Here are some amazing quiz questions on the one and only comedy king Eddie Murphy

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    Which talk show host co-starred with Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America"?


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