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What do Accipitridae birds, passports, Hindu religion, the Moche people of ancient Peru, coats of arms, dollar bills and the Persian Empire have in common??? Come on, make an effort… any idea? No clue? Or is it obvious enough? That’s right…

it’s the eagle, of course! This impressive bird, which can be divided in about sixty species, has been fascinating people for thousands of years and has been adopted as a national symbol by many countries. If you think you’re an expert on eagles, fly over our quizzes and test how much you really know. You’ll run into the Golden Eagle, Martial eagle, Philippine Eagle, African Fish Eagle, Mountain Serpent Eagle and a whole lot of extraordinary more. Make out if you’re the hunter or the prey in the eagle quizzes!

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    The historic Cornell Inn in Lenox, which recently went up for sale, has a number of buildings on site. But the oldest one was built in what year?

Think you know the news in The Berkshires? Take our quiz to find out how closely you've been following the news in The Berkshire Eagle ...

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    What new restaurant will be opening soon on Merrill Road in Pittsfield?

The bald eagle is the symbol for the United States as it symbolizes power, courage and strength. One amazing fact about is that it never surrenders to the strength or size of their prey. Just how much do you know about this...

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    Bald eagles get their white head and tail feathers when they are how old?

Can you answer all these questions correctly? (hint: read the homepage and facts page, it'll really help!)

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    The Philippine Eagle is the 2nd largest eagle in the world.

THis is about the philadelphua eagles

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    Do u like to be loud and a leader?

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Eagle Questions & Answers

How many eggs does the female bald eagle lay at a time?
The answer to the question regarding how many eggs a female bald eagle lay at a time is letter D or two to three. Bald eagles are predatory birds primarily found in North America. They feed on fish by swooping down and snatching them from the water u
What is the difference between Eagle and Hawk?
The truth is, there really are some differences between Eagle and Hawk, but most times people who do not have adequate knowledge about the two birds will definitely agree they are the same. And the truth is, when you are looking at the two birds from
Which of the following factors led to the decline of eagle populations in the 20th century?
Loss of habitat Human harassment (shooting, poisoning) DDT and other pesticides