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Dutch is a West Germanic language, widely spoken by pretty much everyone in the Netherlands, and about sixty percent of Belgium and Suriname. Dutch also holds as the official language for those living in the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten and possibly up to a half million Dutch speakers, living in the United States, Canada and Australia.
Did you know that the dialect of Southern Africans was Dutch, but has now derived into Afrikaans? Are you a native Dutch speaker or do you just love the language? Take these Dutch quizzes and test your knowledge, scoring yourself on each question. Or you can take the fun, personality Dutch quizzes, and find out if you are related to anyone who is Dutch, or what your name would be in Dutch! 

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    Je rijdt het zuinigst als je opschakelt naar een hogere versnelling als de toerenteller aangeeft:

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    Je voert een bijzondere manoeuvre uit, zoals keren op de weg of inparkeren. Je....

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    Op een nat wegdek moet je rekening houden met een kortere remweg.

Test your Dutch

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    When you enter a room in the morning, you could say:

Deze quiz test je kennis over het Nederlandse kinship From Dutch Till Dawn op de Evernight server van de online game Lord of the Rings Online. Deze quiz is mede mogelijk gemaakt door Farrior en de officers.

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